Orlando Florida Holiday Guide

This Orlando holiday guide has been created from Alex & Harriet’s  own recent personal experiences and as such an adult and couples perspective, therefore making this Orlando Florida holiday guide somewhat unique.

Upon their Orlando holiday planning Alex and Harriet found very little online support and in one place to help with their vacation to Orlando, having therefore done all the research and preparation for their own holiday to Orlando Florida and have an absolutely awesome time. They have now put this guide to Orlando together to help others who are planning on going on vacation to Orlando Florida too and want to feel confident about making the most of their Orlando Florida holiday. Equally important this Orlando Holiday Guide offers you Orlando holiday tips that will help save you time and spend your money wisely while you on holiday in Orlando Florida.

How would you like to know how to get the flight times you want when booking through your travel agents so you get to enjoy more of your actual holiday?

Or how about places to stay in orlando florda near disney, whether your on a budget or not there is a perfect detsination for couples of even families to stay while you are ou there! Equally important, ever wondered how to get a truly pieceful nights sleep, with these handy orlando florida tips you will get not only the location but the hotel style and room to really make the most of your holidays to Orlando Florida.

What about the vacation contingencies you need to take into account to ensure you are at least prepared in the event of the worst case scenario. Not that you want anything to happen, but if it does you are prepared in the best possible way to feel confident.Have you even thought about what to take with you?! The essential clothes to bring that fit the style of Florida USA but also fit your own style of feeling comfortable while you are on your vacation.

Are you going to be renting a car or relying on public transport, these handy Orlando tips will ensure you get the most out of your ground transport while you are out there. There are even essential driving tips so you can really feel prepared.

Thought about what you may take back with you and all the shops out there. There is a shopping plan to make sure you take into account. This will impact your luggage approach and what exactly you would need to take out with you.

Have you event thought about the best way to get park tickets, whether its Disney World or Universal or even any of the other attractions including Kennedy Space Centre and all the Sports matches on offer? Let alone what rides, things you want to see and do while you are in Florida Orlando. Alex and Harriet will share with you some great experiences, exploring the parks themselves and not to mention the best ways to cut all the queues.

Finally and perhaps most important you need to think about your pallet and what your gonna eat with all the great restaurants and food on offer. Alex and Harriet will share what not to miss, and how to really enjoying your dining experiences.

After all this you may be thinking about your holiday energy levels and how your going to manage out there, worry not Harriet and Alex share with you some coping strategies to ensure you not only have an exciting adventure but also time for yourselves so you can really sit back relax and appreciate everything around you!

Have you just booked your holiday to Orlando Florida or are you planning to go on holiday to Orlando for the first time? Maybe your unsure how to get the best from your Orlando holidays? Worry not the Orlando Florida Holiday Guide will help remove the uncertainty of not knowing what to expect and prepare you in the best possible way in planning your Orlando holiday so you can really make the most and completely enjoy your holiday to Orlando with these handy vacation tips.

What this guide includes is tips about the following:

Planning your Flight & Luggage for your Orlando holiday

What to Bring on your Orlando Florida holiday

Backing up yourself and what you need to think about for your holiday in Orlando

Driving and Getting around Florida Orlando

Cash and Credit card tips for your Orlando holiday

Orlando park guide including park tickets, fast track tickets and mobile apps

The Orlando park rides and things you want to see

Places to stay in Orlando Florida near Disney

Disney World Orlando

Universal Studios Orlando holidays

Other Attractions for your Orlando Florida holidays

Shopping in Florida Orlando

Restaurants in Orlando Florida

Sports & Activities for your Orlando holidays

And more tips for your Orlando holiday

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